Full Service Management

Turn your rental property over to us and forget about it.

Monthly direct deposit.

Monthly owner financial statement.

Annual 1099 + financial summary.

Quarterly inspection reports.

Tenant Placement

We advertise your property & get you to the starting line.

We will conduct showings, background checks, etc & provide you with tenant applications.

We provide guidance with tenant selection.

We collect the first month's rent & security deposit.

You manage going forward.

Lease Construction

Have a tenant for your property?

We will handle the lease agreement paperwork utilizing DocuSign.

You manage going forward.


Have questions about doing it all yourself?

Sign up for (2) 30 minute consulting sessions.

frequently asked questions

What is the normal management fee?

We charge 10% of all rents collected for single property owners.

There is a reduced rate for owners with multiple properties.

What are other costs & money handling involved?

  • We charge a $250 placement fee for each lease agreement we have signed. Renewals do not apply. This fee is to help cover the turnover management, marketing & showing your property, lease creation & execution, providing locks & lock change-out, and move-in management.

  • We have a $300 threshold noted in our Management Agreement where we have the permission to spend up to $300 without contacting the owner. The average property we manage is valued at over $100,000. We believe if you trust us to manage your property, you can trust us to be good stewards in handling up to $300 in repairs.

  • There is no cost to the owner until rent is collected. The $250 placement fee comes out of the first month's rent.

Should we include utilities in the rent price? Who pays utilities?

Typically, the residents pay all utilities. The owner is responsible for the property taxes, insurance, mortgage (if there is one), and any repairs required not caused by negligence of the resident.

In some cases, we have included utilities in the rent amount and adjust the rental rate accordingly but keep it at a consistent flat fee. We will then take care of the utility payments on your behalf along with any other general expenses such as trash collection, pest control, or annual cleanings.

How often / when do I get paid?

We initiate owner payment on the 25th of each month.

We pay by direct deposit and it takes three days from the initiation to credit to your account due to bank holds.

Who keeps the security deposit?

We hold the security deposit in our legally required escrow account. We will conduct move-out inspections once your resident moves out and withhold any amounts necessary to cover damages.

What else do I get?

We send out monthly statements via email AND we’ll give you 24/7 access to an online owner portal. Here you can see everything associated with the accounting & record keeping of your account. You can pull income and statements any time you'd like for any time period you'd like!

How do I get started?

Three Things:

1) Review our Management Agreement and let us know if you have any questions.

2) Fill out our New Owner Form. After completing this form we’ll send you a management agreement to sign through DocuSign. This agreement must be signed before we begin marketing any properties.

3) Review our Rent-Ready Recommendations and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance full-filling any of these recommendations.

How do you market for your upcoming vacancies?

First, our website generates tremendous traffic due to our five star rating on Google.

Second, our cutting edge software syndicates our listings to many other sites such as Apartment.com, Hotpads.com, etc.

Third, we actively engage in boosted (paid for) social media advertisements that are targeted to our market.

Finally, we have an annual paid contract with Zillow.com that pushes listings to Zillow.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Please email info@orangerealest.com to request.

How long have you been in business?

Martin & his wife, Teal, started Orange Property Management in the Fall of 2012. They managed their own property for a few years before managing for others. This was intentional because they wanted to learn how to carefully & successfully manage real estate before doing it for others.

Less than $100 has been spent on marketing to solicit owners since our founding in 2012. Growth has been word-of-mouth & based on our Google Reviews.

How many properties do you oversee?

150 properties as of April 2022. Our plan is to grow to 250 by 2025. We have no plans nor desires at this time to grow larger than 250 properties.

What areas do you manage property?

Our portfolio of rental properties are mainly spread across the tri-county area of Pickens, Oconee, and Anderson counties with properties in each of these communities:

Anderson, Central, Clemson, Newry, Pendleton, Seneca, and Six Mile

We also manage properties in Spartanburg county in these communities:

Arcadia, Cowpens, Inman, Pauline, Roebuck, Spartanburg, Walnut Grove, and Woodruff

What does the team look like?

Parker Teal is our leasing agent and handles most of the front-end work in property leasing.

Sennah Honea is our administrative assistant and bookkeeper. Sennah handles much of the resident communication as well as billings.

Martin Tiller is our broker-in-charge and handles the back-end work: repair requests, owner payments, and contractor dispatch

We also enjoy contracting Clemson University students interested in real estate to help with day-to-day tasks and inspections to facilitate our operations. Sure, we pay them but we really enjoy making an impact in passing along real estate experience and knowledge in addition to their monetary compensation.

How do you handle repairs?

We typically vet repair requests and if within our wheelhouse, we handle.

If it is a more involved or significant repair, we let our contracted handymen or licensed service providers (depending on the situation) handle it.

We own rental property and treat our owner's properties as we do our own with careful discernment and focus on ROI.

How often do you inspect properties?

We conduct preventative maintenance inspections in every one of our properties every 90 days. This has led to residents taking better care of the properties and a significant reduction in issues between turnovers.

Do you manage short-term rentals?

We do! The management fee is 15% for short-term rentals.

See our Rent-Ready Recommendations for STRs.

We also have a cleaning network to support them.

We utilize VRBO as a management platform for vacation rentals.

We cannot assume a VRBO account. Any short-term rental we take on will be added to our VRBO management account. If a short-term rental leaves our management account after generating reviews, those reviews will be lost should a new account be created with said property.

Why should we choose you?

Choose us if you want to treat your property like an asset such as a stock, bond, or security.

We want to handle all of the calls & repair requests, reduce / remove the real estate & property issues, and help your property appreciate in value due to its care, its residents, and its management going forward.

We don’t want to bother you nor have your diversification into investment real estate be a nuisance.

We are investors ourselves and will treat your property like we do our own. We know you want the highest return on investment (ROI), but also to keep your property in a solid condition. We’ll do just that and our track record shows it.

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